Women Hair Transplant

Hair Loss in Women

Dr. K. K. Arora is one of the well-renowned hair treatment specialists. He understands that how much important hair are for women. Beautiful, shiny and strong locks hair is a matter of pride for a woman. Hair plays a big role in a women’s overall physical personality. It not only adds to her positive self-image but also boosts her confidence. It is only understandable that a woman freaks out when she starts experiencing severe hair loss. The excessive falling of hair can be a really devastating thing for a woman and baldness can put her into a serious emotional trauma more so than a man. It is because women relate their hair with their beauty and feeling beautiful adds to her self-confidence, which hits a low with the start of hair loss.

Reasons For Hair Problem In Females

There could be a number of reasons why women suffer hair loss. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Hereditary: Women who have a family history of hair loss can be susceptible to it too. They can inherit this problem from either or both side of parents.
  • Menopause: When women are going through menopause, they experience hair loss. This happens because, during menopause, estrogen levels in the body get low.
  • Use of certain kinds of medication: Some birth-control pills cause the hair to fall. Certain medications and some hormonal pills can cause it too.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth: Many females notice hair fall during pregnancy and after childbirth. But this is a temporary thing and after a few months hair, fall stops.
  • Diabetes and some other illnesses: Diabetic women experience hair fall too. Other than that anemia, psoriasis or any kind of thyroid problem can lead to severe hair fall.

Baldness Pattern in Women

Hair loss or balding patterns in women are different than male balding patterns. Most men suffer from a receding hairline and/or a bald spot on top of their head meanwhile, women experience that their centre part is getting wider and hair are getting thinner.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

Falling hair in a small number is a common problem and it doesn’t require any kind of medical treatment. However, if hair fall is more than normal then there are a few treatments available. Dr. K.K Arora specializes in hair loss treatments for women.

Minoxidil: This is a medicine that is applied to the scalp. It slows down hair-fall and gradually stops it. It might make hair grow in some women. Women should take it in only 2% concentration.

Hair Transplant Methods: One is Follicle Unit Transplantation, in this a small strip of hair is taken from the donor area and then hair follicles are extracted from it and implanted into an area that has bald spots. Another and most favorable hair transplant is Follicle Unit Extraction. If the woman suffering from baldness wants hair transplant; then FUE hair transplant is the best bet. In this treatment, hair follicles from a donor area are extracted and implanted into the balding area. This is a less painful method than other surgical procedures and its results are permanent. It causes minimum scars and heals faster. The thing about this treatment is that it should be done by a surgeon who has more skills in FUE.

Dr. K.K. Arora is one such expert. At his centre, hair transplant is done in the safest manner possible using both FUT & FUE procedure within affordable prices and they give out outstanding results. He is one of the most respected and reputed hair transplant surgeons in the world.

Women can consult our Indian or Australia clinic if they want the perfect women hair transplant surgery at cheap costs with successful results.