Why people from Canada visit India for the Cosmetic Surgery

Why people from Canada visit India for the Cosmetic Surgery


Field of cosmetic surgery is grooming with the introduction of new techniques and methods that improve the looks of entire human race. In India for this grooming one reason is medical tourism. Studies have observed that India is one the favorite destination of many foreign visitors not only due to its heritage but also for cosmetic surgery. Every year many Canadians visit incredible India for getting cosmetic procedures.

Cosmetic field is all about the medical specialty that is used to correction, modification, restoration and alternation of form and function means it has been done to remove or reduce the shortcomings, defects, changes due to age factor in face or other body parts.

Cosmetic surgery in India can enhance any one’s beauty, looks and self esteem. These surgeries are done generally to hide the scars of accidents, burns, birth marks, skin sags, patches, and baldness on permanent basis with safe results.

Why India tour for cosmetic surgery

Incredible India is not only known for its heritage but also for its pioneer expansion the field of cosmetic surgery that has made it most preferred destination for Canadians to get the trusted and excellent results of cosmetic surgery.

  • Cosmetic surgeons in India are competent to any other surgeons of same field in different destinations.
  • SHTC meet the safety standards for serving international clients
  • Indian clinics offer array of surgical procedures with the overnight recovery
  • Indian cosmetic experts are master in art and science of cosmetic field that provide 100% result oriented treatment to all patients

Reasonable cost of treatment

Indian cosmetic procedures provide the utmost satisfactory results to international clients but cost also play prominent role in attracting the Canadian for visiting India. As here they can get the world standard results after surgery with the significantly less cost as depicted in below table on an average basis.

Cosmetic treatment  Cost in Canada($)  Comparative Cost in India ($)
Extensive Face lift 18,000 3,000
Rhinoplasty 8,500 2,000
Liposuction  6,000 1,000
Tummy tuck 7,000 1,800
Hair Transplant More than 5 per graft 2-3 per graft