Why Hair Transplant is the Best Option for Bald Heads

Why Hair Transplant is the Best Option for Bald Heads


Although there are many options available for hair loss but still patients and surgeons consider hair implanting as the best option for hair loss problem.

This revolutionary method of restoring hair is changing lives of people and insists them to flaunt with head full of hair.

Five facts that make it the best option for treating hair loss

  1. Natural procedure for permanent hair

It is completely natural procedure for restoring hair as no chemicals and medicines are used in this   procedure that can cause side effect or damage to hair follicles however for covering the bald areas patients own hair follicles are taken and harvested. Even donor follicles are chosen with care to transplant only healthy and loss resistant ones so this treatment is permanent in basis. Transplanted hair look natural and grow for lifetime.

  1. Safe and result oriented

This surgical procedure is safe as whole surgery is done under the local anesthesia that lead to painless treatment without complications and risks. While transplantation surgeons take care about the color, direction and even texture of existing hair follicles so it is only method that can give natural results.

  1. No maintenance

As transplanted hair look and grow as the natural ones so there is no need of maintenance after treatment. Only for few days there is need of extra care as prescribed by the surgeon.

  1. Cost effective

This treatment seems to be expensive than other alternative options but it is one time procedure but other treatments cause you never ending cost which make them more heavy on pockets.

  1. Can flaunt with desired hair style and hair color

Like the existing hair transplanted hair can also be dyed and any hair style can be chosen for them.