How to Prevent Dry & Frizzy Hair in Winters

How to Prevent Dry & Frizzy Hair in Winters


To many, winters are better than summers, but whichever case, we all have to put up with all kinds of weather changes as long as still alive. Winters offer us both the good and the bad, but when it comes to our hair and skin, dryness and stiffness may occur in our hair. This is because of the chilled temperature and the dry air that we witness inside doors and outside doors. To keep your hair healthy, fresh, and prevent all the effects of winter on it, here are the basics/tips.


Deep conditioning at least once in a week will help you retain the moisture that the hair requires. This will also prevent your strands from floating which most of us face during winters.

For best results, wash the ends of your with cool water to seal the moisture in your hair.

Warm water not Hot

As the temperatures get extremely cold, most of us find ourselves showering with hot water. This doesn’t only have an effect on your skin, but also on your hair and basically, this hot water only eliminates moisture from your hair which results in dull hair.

Stay Hydrated

Much it is hard to feel thirsty during winters, it will be your responsibility to pop at least 4 glasses of water during the day. These will help keep your hair hydrated and good looking.

Cover your hair on your way out.

The rough winter conditions harm our hair in diverse ways, but breakage is the worst of all them. Exposing your hair to the dry and icy conditions strip the moisture from it, makes the strands stiff, and they can easily get broken. Therefore, wrap a cloth, scarf, or cover your hair with a big hat.


Foods like avocados, bananas, nuts, fish, almonds, meat are some of the best foodstuffs you can incorporate into your daily meals. You can also choose better supplements such as biotin and vitamins for your hair.

Hot oil

Purchase some natural oils such as almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Take at least 2 or 3 spoons of oil, according to your hair amount, heat it and let it begin cooling. While at luck warm temperature, take it and gently apply it on your hair from the root to the ends. Leave it for 35 minutes and then wash off.

Can winters cause baldness?

Winters do not lead to baldness, but improper tips for your hair can lead to baldness. Many individuals who head for a hair transplant in India are most especially diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern or female pattern) baldness triggered by genes. Other factors like anemia, poor health can lead to baldness.

It must be noted that winters can weaken your hair strands making them more prone to breakage and this, can, in the long run, lead to thinning. Natural tips like applying egg white, honey, castor oil, and avocados can help prevent the effect of winter temperatures on your hair.