Plantation of Body hair to Scalp

Plantation of Body hair to Scalp


Surgical hair restoration has beco0me common and successful method for restoring the hair due to its benefits such as lifetime, safe and natural results.

Advancements in this procedure has added to the benefits of this surgical procedure one of this advancement is relocation of body hair to the scalp which seems shocking to hear but it is becoming popular  with the time

What Is BHT?

Body Hair Transplant in Canada is the revolutionary method in which instead of the scalp hair body hair are used to cover the baldness of person

In this transplantation hair follicles are extracted from the body parts such as

  • Chest
  • Beard
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Armpits
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Pubic
  • Abdomen

Hair follicles are selected from these parts by considering the exact match to the texture, color and type of scalp hair so that after surgery patient can get undetectable results

How it works?

During the procedure firstly donor area is selected on the basis of closest match to scalp hair and the requirement of hair follicles to get rid from the baldness.

After the selection of either of body part as the donor area the FUE procedure is performed to extract the hair as this procedure is magnificent and performed with the individual extraction of grafts that is safe for the delicate body parts.

Then the extracted hair follicles are harvested one by one in the scalp as per the requirements of patient. This method is quite magnificent and even time consuming so only the experienced and the expert surgeons can perform BHT surgery only then patient can have the safe , scar free and painless procedure that lead to the natural and permanent solution to problem.

Who can get BHT?

It is also great concern that who are the ideal candidates for the BHT. However this procedure is performed on the patients that are having severe hair loss problem but insufficient hair on the scalp and some candidates that are not having healthy and loss resistance follicles on the scalp then surgeons suggests for the body hair transplantation.

Even there are some candidates that have taken the transplantation procedure multiple time due to some reasons for them also BHT is safe and effective.

This procedure is ideal for the candidates that are not having allergies from the anesthesia and even patient must not have blood clotting abnormalities. In few cases patients with the extremely curly or kinked hair are not good candidates for this procedure.