Men Hair Transplant

Hair Loss in Men

Hair fall is commonly seen problem in both genders. Both genders may have different reasons for this problem.However men are more victims of this problem. Up to 50%males are facing this problem even in a very young age And They looking for the Men Hair Loss Treatment In Canada.

Reasons For Hair Problem In Males

Even in men this problem may vary depending upon different reasons.

  • Genetic reasons
  • Male pattern of baldness
  • Drug addiction
  • Lack of required nutrients
  • Stress

Before hair transplantation in men there is great need of catching the real cause of hair fall only then hair transplantation can give best results.

How To Overcome This Problem?

Satyam offers effective techniques through which men can get rid of this problem. Due to this problem men feel shy and avoid going out in social gatherings which may lead to further various problems.Therefore we are the solution as by using effective techniques we help you in winning back your smart look and confidence.


FUE: By simple follicular unit exertion method you may get solution of your all problem. In this technique surgeons pluck small grouping of hair from donor area and exert it into the area with less hair growth or bald area. It is safer and lesstime-consuming. MICRO GRAFTING:In this method is dissected and injected into problematic area. It is more effective and result oriented method Satyam hair transplant center offers such kind of techniques that are really provides positive results.

Is Men Hair Transplantation Safe?

As at Satyam treatment if given by our team of experts under help of certified and experienced Dr. K.K.Arora so it is safe under our supervision. Therefore there are less chances of any kind of complications during the surgery. As such even there are not side effects of hair transplant.


However after treatment one may feel sore for some days but nothing to worry as within few days scalp will heal itself. Doctor may ask you for regular checkups after six months or a year. Our center always assists you in any kind of problem even after the treatment.

So Satyam provides you the best services in very reasonable prices. So it provides complete package of men hair fall problems.

 Are you interest to get the men hair transplant in India and men hair transplant in Australia they can set their appointment with our clinic. We have clinics in these countries that gives you successful treatment without any side effects.