Know About Best And Worst Of FUE Hair Transplant

Know About Best And Worst Of FUE Hair Transplant

Know About Best And Worst Of FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is the pioneered technique used to restore the hair for permanent basis with the natural effects.

FUE surgery is the non invasive and result oriented method and has become first preference for the hair loss patients due to its advantages as follows

Best of FUE method

  • As the hair follicles are removed individual so the patients can not have the liner scars after surgery and even can wear the short hair after surgery
  • In this surgery hair grafts are removed with the micro punches of having diameter less than 1 mm that leave only the tiny holes after extraction. These tiny holes get healed within few days and even the patient can get back to his work after one day of surgery without any difficulty
  • It is the least invasive method so patients can go for surgery without any fear or doubt
  • This procedure can be used to cover the smaller and larger both kinds of bald areas with optimized results and even thinning areas can be treated for providing the required density. With FUE surgery even the scars caused by FUT method can be overcome.
  • Patients can resume their sports and physical activities after 10 days without any difficulty which is not possible in FUT method
  • There is no need to consider the laxity of scalp for extraction as the patient with lesser laxity or tightness can have the natural and unbeatable results which are not considered as ideal candidate for FUT surgery

Worst of FUE method

Follicular unit extraction method is safe and result oriented so there are not much chances of going surgery to be worst but if your choice for the surgeon is best.

As the surgeon for the FUE surgery must be talented and experienced enough to give safe and natural results otherwise following worst things may happen

  • Over harvesting of the grafts can occur if the surgeon have not considered the requirement that can lead to Telogen effluvium
  • If the surgery is done by inexperienced surgeon then it can lead to the damage of grafts
  • Even the grafts removed by FUE become fragile and thus have less tissue to protect the fat. In that case amount of follicular transaction is much higher than FUT method

Shaving of scalp also become problem for some patients