How stem cell and PRP therapy works?

How stem cell and PRP therapy works?


Hair loss has become common problem. More than 50% people are suffering from the abrupt and continuous hair loss which dents their outer personality. Hair loss not only attack to the personality of the person but also to the self esteem and confidence level.

To regain this confidence and attractive look people leave no stone unturned and they use many shampoos , medicines and hair care products but all in vain. After their endless effort even they cannot get the desired results so it is better to understand the problem and root cause of the hair loss so that only the fruitful efforts could be done.

Most of the people are oblivion about the fact that their own blood can make them look more youthful and revived. It is the true fact that candidate’s own blood can help him to get rid from the hair loss problem as due to the revolutions of science therapies like stem cell and PRP are possible. There is need only to understand the root cause of hair loss then these revolutionary therapies can work magically.


Before that it is important to know

What is PRP therapy?

What id Stem cell therapy?


Both are the radical treatment options in which candidate’s own blood is utilized to stimulate the hair growth. These therapies have generally three main stages

Stage 1

In this step firstly careful assessment of the patient is done so that it could be confirmed that patient is of best health and suitable for this treatment.

After the assessment confirmed by the specialists, patient’s blood is taken from the veins. Then the portion of blood that contains the most platelets and development cells is evacuated and kept.

Stage 2

In the second step blood is centrifuged to spin and the highly concentrated blood plasmas are separated from the patient’s blood. Generally these plasmas have 3-5 times more concentration than the patient’s own blood. Along with this , in this stage specialist prepare the scalp to initiate the injury recuperating process.

Stage 3

In this step re infusion of the platelets and development elements is done into the scalp. These rich plasmas trigger the healing process and stimulate the growth of hair.

These therapies are suitable for both men and women as it is the natural and non surgical way to get hair growth. On the average basis patient has to go for 5-6 sessions of this therapy but after only 1-2 sessions you can witness the noticeable results.

Both these therapies are non surgical and can be combined with the hair transplant surgery to get the optimized and refined results of the procedure.