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Hair transplantation is the minor surgical procedure that consists the shifting of permanent growing hair follicles from the back head to the balding and thinning areas.

Who are Candidates for Hair Transplant Surgery?

 All healthy men and women can go for this treatment. Dr. K. K. Arora analyzes the hair loss individually and then decides for the candidacy for treatment. In the first consultation Dr. Arora outlines the available treatment options for the patients and decide the eligibility of patient for this surgical hair restoration procedure on the basis of following factors

  • Realistic expectations
  • Availability and density of donor hair follicles
  • Hair color and texture
  • Skin color and matching with hair color
  • Stability and extent of hair loss

Generally the patients with best health and of any age can be considered for this treatment option but the scalp laxity, responsiveness of scalp and stability of baldness can affect the outcomes of treatment so these factors must be considered before taking decision.

Satyam Hair Transplant procedure

We at Satyam ensure the best health and results after surgery so the patients can rely for the safe and most feasible outcomes. Before the procedure expert technicians administered the local anesthesia for painless procedure.

Permanently growing hair follicles are extracted from the back head with the micro punches having diameter less than 1mm according to the required number of grafts. Follicles are counted and stored in the storage solution so that their properties can be retained even out of body.

During the gap between extraction and transplantation patient can have refreshment and relax for some time. In the second session of surgery, recipient area is prepared by applying the local anesthesia and then small incisions are created with the precise equipments at the correct angle and distance.

Hair follicles carefully placed in the incisions at correct depth so that transplanted hair appears exactly like the natural hair after growth.

After transplantation patient is asked to relax for some time and then can go home without any difficulty. On the next day our expert team provides the hygienic hair wash to the patients and provides some oral and written instruction for after care.

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