Hair Transplant in Surrey

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Hair transplant in Surrey

In Canada more than 50% people are suffering from the hair loss problem. Considering only one province Surrey then it is also not deprived of this serious problem. On regular basis number of patients come in front with this problem and have the hair treatment.

Having hair treatment in itself is really matter for the concern as only a few service centers can meet up to the expectations of the people one of them is Satyam Hair Transplant Center and Dr. K.K.Arora has given 100% successful of hair transplant in Surrey alone.

He focuses on HT for both men and Women whichever is the root cause for the problem he gives the best results up to the expectations of the patients. You may rely for the desired results after the surgery.

Why Dr. Arora is better than others?

  • He is well qualified and has enough academic knowledge for the hair treatment. Doctor who is M.Ch in plastic surgery, Hair transplant and even general surgery along with his MBBS and MS will give you the treatment.
  • He is expert and experienced enough in using the pioneered and world proven techniques during the surgeries which lead to post surgery feasible results. He is efficient enough in utilizing his knowledge and artistic skills to give the dense natural hairs
  • Prior to the surgery he diagnose the problem in depth and then he give the treatment in customized manner which differ individual to individual
  • He is having more than 20 years’ experience for hair treatment which help him to understand the problem and accordingly he treat the patients to meet their needs
  • He is well known for his non- invasive surgeries not only in Surrey but also over the globes. The results provided by him after surgeries are the best and safe.
  • Our surgeon is efficient in both FUT and FUE methods of hair treatment and even in body hair transplant (BHT)
  • His priority always remains to spend as much time as needed to analyze the hair loss problem and for the treatment.
  • Dr. Arora involves himself in the proper treatment of your hair and assists you in choosing the method for hair treatment and even gives you the closest estimation of post surgery results.
  • He is expertise in follicular unit grafting and can transplant 3000-4000 grafts on a single day by performing mega sessions successfully.
  • After the surgery first week requires the special care so after the treatment special instructions for the preventions are provided which help you to have quick healing of the scalp and the proper care.
  • Dedication and commitment along with the skills is also required for the best results of hair restoration. You can build trustful relation during and even after the surgery.

During the treatment team of experts and skilled doctors always assist Dr. Arora in bridging the gap of estimated and actual results of hair restoration. For more information you can contact to the our consulter.

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