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Hair Loss Problems

  1. Hair loss is a severe issue among millions of people and they seek for its solution.
  2. The common causes of hair loss are bad lifestyle, extensive consumption of alcohol, smoking, overweight, baby delivery and pattern baldness.
  3. Hair thinning makes you look older than your real age.
  4. Choosing traditional methods create scars and unnatural look.
  5. Hair transplant is a new method that includes state-of-art technology to restore hairs and reverse the hair loss.
  6. The hair transplant gives an advantage of offering the best feasible natural looking hairs as the final result. The results received are what you are looking for.

Hair Transplant Procedure

  1. Patient is given local anesthesia.
  2. For FUE hair transplant in Ottawa, hairs on the backside of the scalp are removed with delicate precision.
  3. These grafts contain the growth factors that are removed from the scalp.
  4. These growth factors then help in healing the incisions and in fact stimulating the follicular growth.
  5. They are then transplanted by our surgeons at their center Satyam Clinic in Ottawa offering the benefit of precise extraction and accurate implantation for the final results.
  6. The procedure is not completely painless but is easily tolerable.
  7. In the old hair transplant methods scarring occurs and follicles are usually damaged. But with FUE, the results achieved are simply great.
  8. The procedure takes almost full of your day and almost seven days for recovery.
  9. The new hairline appears within a year.
  10. FUE hair transplant is not a magic so you should be well patient to receive the natural results.
  11. The results are maximized by stimulating the hair growth in combination with the FUE transplant.

The FUE hair transplant cost In Ottawa can be about $10,000. Meanwhile if you have an insurance that includes cosmetic plans, you can take the benefit. The surgery is performed on an individual by the team of experts who look for providing the best natural looking hair results that grow for the life time. Meanwhile follow your surgeon’s instructions to get the maximum results.