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Real Difference Created by Advanced Hair Transplant Procedure

India has become the leading country in the world for providing the successful hair transplant procedure. An average FUE Hair Transplant cost in North York ranges about $17,00 to $25,000.

Every month several thousand patients visit Satyam Clinic to receive the hair transplant procedure. A large count of patients visits India for hair restoration purposes. The economical procedure at India allures people from the different parts of the world to receive the hair transplant who are looking for affordable cosmetic treatments.

The occurrence of hair loss in people simply depends on their sensitivity to testosterone. It is not the anomalous magnitudes of testosterone that results into hair loss in men. It is simply the influence of standard magnitudes of this hormone on the sensitive part of scalp. The hairs undergo gradual reduction in their size resulting into thin and shorter hair line. It creates a wide replacement of thick hairline by thin and short hairs on head. So when you observe the scalp skin of such people, you can find the fine hairs that make the scalp bald.

Treatment of Bald Scalp

With FUE Hair Transplant in North York, the hair fall can be reversed and the bald scalp is covered with good density of hairs. Our surgeons at Satyam Clinic are highly knowledgeable in performing the surgical procedure in which the hair follicles are extracted from scalp and are implanted in the area where hairs are absent.

The transplanted hairs develop normal hairs shafts that grow in length similar to the scalp hair. They need maintenance as the scalp hair and need cutting as well. It is simply transplanting hairs to offer completely natural appearance with a natural hair line.

FUE or follicular unit extraction, special follicle extractors are used to remove single follicular units from the donor region. The FUE procedure has some benefits such as no skin strip is created in the donor site. So it doesn’t leave any residual scar at the donor enabling patients to keep hair length short if they want. The follicular units are directly extracted and implanted immediately on the recipient region to offer denser hair line.