Hair Transplant in Newcastle

Personalized hair transplant

Scar free pain less surgery, known worldwide for Life time natural results

Hair Transplant in Newcastle

Hair transplant is worldwide proven and preferred method to restore the hairs for lifetime. People who are suffering from the problem of Alopecia are likely to take this treatment as a first and last option because of its permanent solutions

It is typically surgical procedure in which the healthy and loss resistant hair roots are transferred from one area which is called donor area to the other area that is called recipient area of the scalp.

There are few things that are associated with the treatment that needs to be considered.

Things need to know before surgery

Before planning for the treatment there are few things that need to be addressed

Firstly patient must be aware about the root causes of the hair loss problem that can be

  • Genetic issues
  • Hormonal problems
  • Cancer or thyroid problem
  • Emotional or mental stress
  • Drug addiction
  • Side effects of medication


After knowing about the problem you must be aware about few things for the treatment such as

  • Center from which you are planning to get treatment
  • Experience of the surgeon who is going to do your surgery
  • Your expectations for the after results and center’s estimation before surgery
  • Techniques used by the center
  • Cost going to incur for the treatment
  • Sessions required to meet your desires

One must be very careful while choosing the center for the hair transplant as the results are directly proportion to the services and skills of the surgeon


What happen before surgery?

Before the surgery you can be asked for your photographs and hair issues related information that can be used for the complete and proper diagnoses of the hair issues.

After this estimation is given to you for the treatment and donor area is selected

What happen on surgical day?

On the day of surgery, in the morning patient is asked to visit center and his head is shaven for getting deep into the roots easily and carefully. After that with properly sterilized tools and with best techniques out experienced surgeon extract the hair follicles from the donor area and then these healthy roots are cultivated into the bald area carefully and before this process to avoid pain and discomfort to the patient local anesthesia is given for the numbness of the scalp

After the complete process

When the surgery gets over after few hours patient is free to go home with the proper oral and written instructions for the proper care of hair transplanted hair which is needed for few weeks.

On the immediate following day of the surgery patient is given complete and hygienic hair wash by us under the supervision of experts.

We provide safe and painless hair treatment to the patients with the minimal scarring. Our surgeon Dr.K.K.Arora is efficient in doing non invasive surgery with his knowledge and artistic skills.

However in few cases patients may witness sore scalp and redness but there is nothing to worry as it gets healed within 2-3 days after surgery.

Satyam Hair Transplant Center is well known for its authentic and standardized results of hair transplant in New Castle UK that are due to the personalized treatment plans and efforts of our team of expert surgeons that work only to meet your desires and safety.