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Hair Transplantation/ Hair Transplant surgery

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Hair transplantation is a unique type of hair restoration procedure performed with great expertise and experience. The procedure presents a permanent solution for baldness for both males and females worldwide.

The modern styles of hair transplantation extremely differ from the traditional techniques even with the initially introduced type of hair transplant surgery known as the strip method (FUT).

The two main hair transplant techniques commonly known as FUE and FUT are undergoing great advancement phase due to the excellent technical studies that are conducted by hair specialists.

These include the blossoming type of hair transplant, known as BIO-FUE, that involves extracting hair from one side of the scalp (donor region) and implanting it into the bald region (recipient region) after which a serum extracted from one’s blood is injected into the recipient region to boost hair growth and as well strengthen the hair.

Various Techniques of Hair transplant

There are mainly two types of hair transplant techniques that an individual will have to select from with the help of our hair transplant specialist before a hair transplant in Nawanshahr.

1. FUE Hair Transplant Technique

The Follicular Unit Extraction is performed by extracting individual hair follicles containing 1 to 4 hairs from the donor region using micropunches of less than 1.0mm in diameter.

These follicular units are preserved in a saline solution until implanted in the tiny incisions made in the recipient (bald) region.

2. FUT Hair Transplant Technique
This is the traditional method and with technological advancement, the procedure is somehow precise and more yielding than previously believed. The procedure is performed by removing a strip of follicular units from the donor region, dissecting it, and then implanting individual hair follicles in the bald region.

a) Body Hair Transplant
With this technique, the FUE concept is used and it allows a hair transplant surgeon to extract and implant hair follicles from the scalp to the body or from the body to the scalp.

During the procedure, hair follicles are extracted from the chest, legs, beards, mustache, hands, armpits, and the private parts to restore hair.

b) Giga or Mega Sessions at Satyam Canada Hair transplant centre

These sessions are naturally and excellently performed to yield more hair transplant results or make hair transplant possible.

These procedures are utilized in case a patient requires over 3800 follicular units to overcome baldness. With the Giga session, the surgeon utilizes the FUE, FUT, & Body hair transplant techniques to obtain follicles during a hair transplant in Phillaur.

Advantages OR Benefits of Hair Transplant

  • It is minimally invasive
  • Eliminates baldness for good
  • Produces 100% natural results
  • Minimal scarring
  • Provides more hair solutions like BIO-FUE & Body hair transplant to obtain maximum results
  • Restores a fuller head
  • Transforms one’s appearance
  • Clinically and technologically proven to eliminate baldness
  • Safe when performed by a hair specialist

Considerations before a hair transplant

  • Our hair specialist has conducted hundreds of hair transplant procedures and is able to produce natural and excellent results after a good evaluation.
  • Several factors like a patient’s medical history, lifestyle, health, and desired results are put into account before a hair transplant to obtain perfect results.
  • The postoperative care and treatment are well provided by our specialists to provide maximum comfort and the best hair transplant experience ever.
  • Our procedures are safe and completely performed under local anesthesia.