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FUE method- Recommended Treatment of Alopecia

Pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is severe disorder during which the hairs almost completely fall off from the scalp in fact other body parts are also affected. A person may experience alopecia at any stage of life.

Hair Loss and Society 

  1. Family genes are a main cause of androgenic alopecia in men as well as women.
  2. According to clinical researches, almost 1 -2% of people face the hairloss at any stage of life usually those in the age of 35 to 60 years.
  3. Several millions of men are presently experiencing male pattern baldness.

Hair Transplant as the Cure

  1. The FUE hair trans plant In Montreal is the most popular aesthetic procedure accompanied by regular enhancements in the method.
  2. In this surgical procedure, the hair follicles from one part of the body are removed and implanted in the other part where hair density is low.
  3. For severe hair fall, the FUE procedure is the best as recommended by most of the surgeons.

Popularity of the hair transplant

  1. Hair transplant surgery has achieved major attention and acceptance owing to its wide precision, protection and improved results.
  2. The hair transplant enables the patients for the treatment with nominal inconvenience; the procedure is conducted depending on the outpatient.
  3. Poor lifestyles and different types of cosmetic disorders, too much consumption of alcohol, and increased stress result into rapid hair loss.
  4. Adoption of hair restoration technique is significantly high in the upcoming years considering the good results provided by the transplant with the everchanging social trends and behaviors.

Post-op care

  1. Care after the transplant surgery is crucial. Swelling in the forehead and backside of scalp occurs with itching senses in most of the patients.
  2. The patients should be careful if they experience itching
  3. Contact your physician if scratching will worsen and result into scab development.
  4. Other common sides are related with the treatment are hair thinning or shock loss

The FUE hair transplant cost In Montreal varies between $8 to $10 per graft. The cost of healthcare and economic slowdown in the developed markets are the major factors limiting the popularity of the hair transplant in the cosmetic industry in the coming times.

FUE is a nominally invasive procedure in which the development of linear scar is prevented instead the strip removal method, hence it is a more convenient procedure to achieve the natural hairs.