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Hair Transplant/ Hair Transplantation/ Hair Restoration in India

Once all the other alternatives result in minor efficacy, the next and permanent hair restoration procedure proves to be hair transplant. The procedure involves a range of corrections which include fixing one’s hairline, attaining the best density, regrowing natural hair and lastly changing one’s appearance for the better.

Hair transplantation is the act of transferring hair from one area of the body to another, most especially on the scalp where people go bald. Baldness is a result of prolonged hair loss that at times responds no nonsurgical treatments such as Minoxidil, Finasteride, Therapies, and treatments among others.

Attaining a hair transplant in Moga has become very accessible and high yielding due to the better hair transplant techniques and practices utilized at our centre. Our hair transplant specialist aims at transforming one’s appearance to attain a youthful appearance as desired.

Types of Hair Transplant Procedures at our centre

We provide a range of hair transplant procedures with the advanced techniques. Our well-trained and experienced surgeon together with our technicians and staff are more than ready to attend to you.

FUE Hair Transplant
This is an advanced hair transplant technique where follicular units are extracted one by one from the donor region after which tiny incisions are made in the recipient area into which the individual grafts are carefully fixed. The technique uses micropunches and the each graft will consist of only 2-5 grafts.

FUT Hair Transplant
Much as it is described as the traditional procedure, this technique provides greater efficacy when performed by an experienced surgeon. In this, the grafts are extracted in a bundle that is to mean in a strip form which is dissected under a microscope in the laboratory to achieve individual follicles which are implanted in the bald region.

This procedure utilizes the FUE concept, but at the end of the procedure, a serum derived from a patient’s blood is injected into the recipient region (implanted hair) to boost the results. There are more results realized from this technique and they include;

  • Strengthening the hair
  • Improving the hair appearance
  • Larger density
  • Fuller head

Body hair transplant
BHT is specifically a procedure where hair follicles are extracted from the body and implanted on the scalp or extracted from the scalp and implanted into the body. This type of hair transplant in Jagraon provides more grafts to cover the whole bald region and attain the desired density.

Robotic Hair Transplant
This high-tech procedure is mainly performed by a robot under the surgeon’s guidance. The robot extracts individual follicles that are implanted in the bald region. There are great skills used and results in no mistakes.

Advantages of hair transplant

Our centre is one of the leading hair transplant destinations in India due to the modern techniques and protocols followed. We deliver the best services possible that will transform your looks. Expect the following after a hair transplant;

  • Best possible results
  • Natural and pleasing appearance
  • Fuller head and density
  • Best postoperative treatment
  • Permanent solution to baldness
  • You can use other hair treatments if desired
  • The best advice to restore and preserve your hair