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Why Hair transplant when you are going bald

The hair loss treatment has become highly demanding over the decade that the count of patients experiencing the hair fall is increasing significantly with each progressive year. The concerning factor is that many patients are just in their 20s to 30s who decide to achieve hair transplant surgery.

Hormonal Hair Loss Problem

  1. A particular type of hair loss condition named Telogen Effluvium is seen common in young people that is attributed as diffused hair fall.
  2. It is caused by a hormonal abuse or as a side-effect of a medicine. The recovery is natural that takes around 6 months.
  3. The common hair loss problem is categorized as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness that is cased y a hormone hat results into gradual hair fall.
  4. In few cases the medicines work, but people are more prefer Fue hair trans plant In Mississauga as a standard.

Common Causes of Hair Fall

  1. Lack of iron in body
  2. Lack of sunlight
  3. Depression and stress
  4. Variation in hormones
  5. Hormone related diseases such as diabetes and thyroid

Hair Loss and Age Group

  1. A wide increase in the count of young males has been seen who experience severe hair fall. Usually people related with the IT industry are found more common to face this problem.
  2. People who are above 70s, 80% of them suffer from hair loss problem.

Hair Loss Treatment Surgery

However hair transplant has been emerged as a promising technique for hair loss, you need to be careful while choosing the technique type. FUT is an old method that is slightly tedious. The surgery may take around 6 hours.

On the other hand, FUE is a more convenient procedure that is almost scar free and produces equally natural hairs as created in the FUT procedure. Surgeons perform this specialized procedure by their personal efforts so if you are in touch of a skilled surgeon, you will get the excellent results. The FUE hair transplant cost In Mississauga goes up to $18,000. So fix your appointment today and discuss your hair transplant needs with your surgeon.