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Hair transplantation is one of the most important achievements of medical science which has give lifetime advantage to the bald patients. To get rid from baldness patients go for various options including medicines, therapies, artificial hair restoration and surgical hair restoration but the hair transplant is noticed with the most successful results among all.

Hair transplant is the surgical treatment for hair restoration that can give the natural and permanent growing hair.  It is based on the principle that loss resistant hair follicles can be shifted from the stable sites to the bald areas and can grow with retained features.


What is the Procedure?

Traditional method for hair transplant was FUT method in which strip of hair bearing skin is removed from back head and then dissected in the natural grouping of follicular units1-4 and then transplanted in the recipient site.

With the Advancements FUE method has been introduced for hair restoration. In this method hair follicles are removed individually from the donor site with the micro punches for extraction with precision. Removed hair follicles are directly transplanted in the bald areas according to direction, distance, angle and density of existing hair follicles to give the natural appearance.

Entire procedure of the hair restoration is done under the local anesthesia so that patient can get painless and comfortable surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery?

After successful surgery patient can resume routine activities after 2-3 days without any difficulty. For few days patient can feel soreness and redness in the scalp but it gets vanished in few days.

After 4-5 weeks hair starts growing after the shock loss in which hair follicles get shed due to trauma bear while surgery. However patient can have noticeable hair growth after 3 months and even in this session donor area get recover completely.

After 12 months of hair transplant in India, patients can receive the actual results with natural hair that become hard to detect even for the hair stylists.

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