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Why does Hair Drop in Chunks and How to Stop it

People suffering from hair fall problems spend their most of the time in thinking about the ways to retain their hairs. Overall the expansion of hair care products may grow up to ten billion dollars by coming decade. Almost every human sheds some hairs throughout their lives however to what extent hair fall is normal?

Hairs on our scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic hair are usually consist of three coils of proteins tangled together by melanin, it is a pigment chemical in skin and irises. Uniform hair follicles develop straight hair whilst non-uniform follicles develop curlier hair.

Growth of Scalp hair

The growth period is about 2 to 6 years. However a person has combined small and long growth length of hair follicles. In most of people, the growth rate is almost similar that is about 4 to 6 inch per year. However the overall length of hairs depends on how they are handled such as combing, styling, dying and wearing and tearing.

When your hair falls in large groups, it is hint of a problem related to some type of significant stress on body. Common conditions such as surgery, insomnia, child delivery, thyroid, lack of nutrition etc affect the normal hair growth cycle. These conditions overwhelm the body.

Treatment of Gradual Hair Loss

For the gradual hair loss in men caused by male pattern baldness, FUE Hair Transplant in Edmonton is recommended. The procedure involves removal of hairs from the high density region that is called as donor site. The hairs are extracted individually which are then implanted into the recipient site that lacks in hairs.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that helps in growing natural hairs on the bald area. The transplanted hair roots develop normal hair shafts that grow like the surrounding scalp hairs.

Our surgeons treat the hair loss caused by the different causes at the economical FUE Hair Transplant cost in Edmonton at Satyam Clinic. With advanced hair transplant procedure, the hair roots are removed from the occipital scalp and then put into the similar size incised sites in the bald part of the scalp that further grow like natural hair.