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World-class Hair Transplantation Practices

Considering the advent hair transplantation techniques, our highly qualified and experienced surgeon would like to share his hair transplantation expertise with numerous men and women affected by hair loss or what is mostly described as baldness.

Who are we?

Satyam Hair Transplant Canada is a specialist hair transplantation centre providing a wide stream of standardized hair loss solutions using high-tech protocols and methodologies. Our hair transplant specialist Dr. K.K. Arora is a certified and prominent hair surgeon in India, well-known for his extraordinary and incomparable artistic and aesthetic hair transplant skills.

With an experienced staff, we incorporate advanced practices from abroad, specifically US, Turkey, and Mexico to attain excellent and natural hair results in patients.

Hair Transplant Solutions

Despite the fact that there are only two types of hair transplant techniques, Hair Transplant in Chandigharh results in different outcomes depending on the surgeon’s expertise and evaluation performed.

Our hair transplant centre provides cutting-edge hair transplant techniques using the advanced FUE technique.

  • The Follicular Unit Extraction
    The modern hair restoration surgery is performed by removing a number of individual grafts from the scalp or the body (donor region) and individually implanting them into the incisions made in the bald or thinning region. Body hair transplant (BHT) provides donor solutions during hair transplantation.
  • The Follicular Unit Transplantation
    A strip of the recommended number of grafts is cut from the donor region (specifically on the scalp) and then dissected to achieve individual hair follicles that are implanted into the tiny incisions made in the bald region (recipient).

Baldness- a fault on the scalp Not a style

Baldness can’t be tolerated in the current generation, much as some men reluctantly accept the fact of being bald. Hair transplant is a convenient and a permanent bald solution that produces natural results. You don’t need to live bald for the rest of your life with the availability of modern hair transplantation techniques.

Our hair transplant specialist performs customized hair transplantation procedures to fashion your scalp in the best way. Eliminating baldness is completely a reconstructive surgery to recover your natural hair and restore your youthful appearance.

Forget Your Worries

A majority of hair loss sufferers is completely broken and at the verge of giving up. Dr. K.K. Arora completely understands your plight. Consult his to help you restore your confidence, life, and hairstyle as desired. Here is what our surgeon will do;

  • Attain the best possible hair results
  • Restore your natural hairline
  • Transform your appearance
  • Prescribe excellent medical treatment (pre & post surgery)
  • Help you attain the desired density
  • Provide several hair growth boosters
  • Give you the best possible hair transplant experience

What About the Cost?

We assure patients of utmost trustworthiness in every procedure and you shouldn’t be burdened with prices charges. Our hair transplant cost in Mohali in 95% affordable and friendly.

A consultation is necessary to ascertain the underlying causes, the extent of hair loss, the best hair transplant technique, and the possible results. We perform several hair transplant procedures, such as eyebrow hair transplants, mustache hair transplant, Body hair transplant among others.