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Why Hair Loss is more common now than before

Increased cases of cancer and different skin disorders normally are resulting into hair loss more than ever. Poor diets, lack of exercise, hormonal changes and overweight are the major causes of hair fall in men.

An increasingly large count of hair loss reports is demanding the suitable hair loss treatment methods that can offer prolong results.

Hair transplant technology advancements such as FUE hair transplant In Calgary is less invasive and more secured method than FUT. The technology enhancements may not be beneficial for all but it help accomplishing the needed results required by the patients. Moreover, the consumer emphasis on the physical appearance has driven the Satyam Clinic to excel their sales by aiming on the competitive technique.

Hair transplant- Magical remedy for all hair loss problems

  1. Increasing cases of cancer and several other dermal problems have increased the demand of nominally invasive hair restoration procedures.
  2. Increasing knowledge and improved technology have led to development of more convenient hair transplant procedures such as FUE.
  3. FUE makes the hair transplant procedure less invasive and more secured by reducing the potential of FU transaction.
  4. FUE is an attractive procedure to both patients and surgeons as it is a nominally invasive procedure in which the development of linear scar is minimized as compare to the strip harvest transplant.


Surgeons explain the patients a few instructions that should be followed after the procedure such as:

  1. Swelling may occur on forehead and in few cases itching is also experienced
  2. In case of itching, the scratches make the healing worse so you should immediately contact your physician.
  3. Hair thinning is a part of healing procedure so you should not be worried about the procedure.
  4. Avoid strenuous activities for initial two to five days to provide the complete rest to your body.

FUE Cost

As FUE includes more labor by surgeons because the hair follicles are individually placed on the scalp, the cost is slightly higher than FUT procedure. In each session, the FUE hair transplant cost In Calgary may vary from $8 to $15 per graft.

Because the hair loss problems have become very common nowadays, it has driven the medical industry to find the competitive technique for hair restoration, FUE is a one of the promising techniques that offer long lasting hairs that grow for the lifetime.