What to expect and how to care after surgery

What to expect and how to care after surgery

After knowing about the process of FUE method it is also important to know about the results that can be expected after treatment and even about aftercare.

Results that can be expected

While considering the hair restoration it is primary concern for all that what will be the after results however it is hard to say exactly about the results as these vary from patient to patient.

It is important to know that after results depend even on the expectations of the patient from the treatment so it is hard to talk about exact results but one thing is very much clear that FUE has made it possible to have much greater coverage than FUT and even results given by this procedure are more satisfactory.

It is important to know that no two patients can have similar results after the treatment as level of baldness, requirement of grafts, quality of donor hair, laxity of scalp and even severity of the hair loss problem can affect the results.

So the best way to know about the results that can be achieved for you is to consult the surgeon for the same as after scalp analysis surgeon can provide you the best and closest estimation of the results.

Preventive care after surgery

As this method is more magnificent so there is great need to care transplanted hair after the surgery so that best results can be retained even after many years. Initial care can add to life of transplanted hair.

Here are few instructions for the after care that generally surgeons give to patients

  • After surgery there can be redness and swelling in the scalp but it is normal and it gets healed in 2-3 days but person must consult surgeon if it does not get healed.
  • To prevent the swelling of scalp and quick healing person must sleep in semi upright position for few days as it will ensure proper blood circulation up to scalp.
  • Patient should not rub the areas where the hairs are transplanted for few days as it can harm them.
  • Patients are asked not to work in extreme heating conditions and in the sun exposure as it can lead to sweating in the scalp. Sweating can not only affect the new hair but can also lead to scalp infections.
  • For the immediate nest day patient must visit the clinic for hygienic hair wash and after that patient does not use the harsh shampoos for washing only the baby shampoos can be used for few days as these are gentle for hair and scalp.
  • Person must avoid smoking and drinking for few days as it can hamper the healing process of the scalp and can lead to adverse effects. Person should take healthy diet to add to the healing process of scalp.