Know about working of FUE

Know about working of FUE

Follicular unit Extraction is advanced method used for the hair restoration. Both methods of hair transplantation FUT and FUE are used for curing baldness but later is more advanced and considered result oriented than the former.

How it works?

It is considered to be delicate method for restoring hair so only handful surgeons are there who are expert and efficient enough in performing follicular unit extraction surgery.

During the surgery individual hair follicles are extracted from the back head or other area called donor area where the healthy and loss resistant hair follicles are present.  For the extraction of hair follicles only the sharp and dull punches are used by the surgeons.

Sharp punches enable the surgeon to score the scalp around the unit that is going to be extracted  and the later one enable him to go deeper into the scalp means to reach to surrounding tissue of the follicles.

During the procedure both punches help the surgeon in retaining the quality of the original tissue. Expert surgeons always take care about retaining the quality of hair follicles as only harvesting of healthy hair follicles can lead to permanent results.

Sharp and dull punches prevent the damage to scalp and to the tissue of follicles so that only the best quality follicles can be transplanted into bald areas.

After the extraction with these punches only the small holes appear on the donor areas which get healed within few days after the careful extraction of follicles these are harvested into thinning or bald areas.  Even transplantation of follicle units must be done with care as direction and angle while harvesting must be taken care off to give the natural appearance of hair after surgery

Why FUE?

  1. Unlike the FUT method this procedure does not leave the visible scars after surgery. Only pit scars are these but these soon get healed and become invisible to human eye.
  2. Even for the less coverage of baldness and for thinning hair this treatment can give the best results
  3. As this procedure does not leave linear scarring so after the surgery person can have any kind of hair style and even shave head no one can recognize transplanted hair and scars
  4. This procedure is safe as in this no strip is cut from the scalp only individual hair follicles can be taken which cause no pain and even can be done without stitches and scars
  5. This method is considered best for 100% natural and permanent results due to refined techniques.
  6. Due to this advanced method it is possible to have hair restoration for them that are not having sufficient donor hair on scalp as with this method body hair can also extracted for harvesting them on scalp.

Biggest advantage of this method is that there is quick healing and recovery after treatment as after 3-4 days scalp gets healed completely.