Have you chosen the right surgeon?

Have you chosen the right surgeon?

After the checking your eligibility is you have decided for FUE procedure then the next important step is to choose the right surgeon for the treatment.  Only the best surgeon can give you the best results after treatment so this step must be taken carefully and wisely so that in future there will remain no room for the repentance for you.

It is true fact that with the increase in hair loss problem the hair clinics are also increasing so it is quite hard to choose only the best as many surgeons are there that claim to be the best in the field.

After the checks for yourself there are few checks for the right surgeon which will help you to make the right choice

  1. Check experience of the surgeon

Only handful surgeons are there that are expert for FUE transplant. before making selection for the surgeon ask for the experience of the surgeon in performing this surgical treatment as only experience doctors can have sufficient skills and efficiency to give you the best and safe results. Quality always comes after the experiences so only experienced surgeon can give you quality natural hair for lifetime.

  1. Check for the credentials

Well qualified and reputed surgeon will not have any kind of fear or hesitation for showing his credential to anyone so before treatment ask for the certificates of the doctors who is going to give you treatment. Only certified and specialized surgeons can perform FUE surgeries with 100% successful ratio.

  1. Check for testimonials

If it is possible then you must check for the genuine testimonials of the past patients of the surgeon as through them you can reach to the light of reality. Visible results after treatment of these patients will help you to know about the skills of the surgeon and this will make you confident about your decision.

  1. Check for the consistency of results

Checking for the past results does not complete your homework check for the consistency of the past results of surgeon. You must check that for the average of successful surgeries of the patients that are done by surgeon. It can be known by checking past records of surgeon like how many surgeries he has performed and in how many he has given successful results?

  1. Check for the way of treatment

Authenticity of the past results can be checked by the just knowing about the transparency of the surgeon for discussing the way in which he is going to give you treatment. It will help you to know about the entire process through which you will be treated and up to what extent you can have the expected results. Only the best surgeons discuss their way of treatment and estimation of the results with the patients that speak for their best practices.