Common questions about FUE

Common questions about FUE

After knowing in depth about the FUE procedure still there can be some doubts in the mind of patients that are planning for it.

Here is clarification for few common questions for which generally patients remained concerned

This procedure is painless procedure as the pain and discomfort as prevented by applying the local anesthesia into the scalp so during the surgery patient feel comfortable only while applying anesthesia patient may feel bit discomfort but it can be tolerated by the patients as it is cause minor discomfort.

This procedure is performed with the small punches that are used to extract the individual follicles so there are no visible scars after the surgery. It causes only tiny scars that fade away with time.

After 5-6 weeks transplanted hair follicles will shed it is completely normal and expected as only the follicles fall but the roots remain in the scalp so after that transplanted hair start growing naturally and approximately after one year you can have full head of hair that cannot be detected as existed or transplanted hair.

Results of this procedure are permanent as while the extraction sharp and dull punches are used to retain the quality of donor hair so after transplantation the hair grow naturally for lifetime. Even during the procedure only the healthy and loss resistant hair are selected for extraction so that they cannot get affected for hair loss in future.

In most of the cases transplanted hair after FUE are not detectable even hair stylist find it hard to distinguish between existing and transplanted hair. But is you have the new construction of hairline then people can judge from your look but still it looks natural and stylish.

Well, this is quite safe procedure and quick in healing and recovery so after 3-4 days patients can get back to their work without any difficulties but if you have some hectic job or sports to play then for few days you have to wait as heavy jobs can cause sweating which is not good for initial days for transplanted hair.

It is performed with the refined techniques so it is not at all risky. Even patient can get treatment without complications and surgery. There can be mild swelling and redness in the scalp for few days but it is normal and in few days it gets healed.

Well, for few days these products must be avoided but after the advice of doctor you can even dye the transplanted hair and can use normal shampoo and conditioner for hair washing.