Are You Right Candidate For FUE?

Are You Right Candidate For FUE?

However hair transplantation is successful method to regain lost hair naturally and for lifetime. So immediate after noticing the thinning hairs and bald patches we rush to the hair clinics to know about the best treatment for it.

Knowing about the best treatment is as important as to check own eligibility for the treatment. As only the best can be served with the best so before going for the hair restoration check your eligibility and even prepare yourself mentally and physically for the treatment.

Five checks before the hair treatment

  1. Check whether actually you are worried due to hair loss or not?

Hair loss is taken as the monster that can disturb anyone so even after noticing hair fall it is obvious for all of us to make cloud of thinking that we are worried due to hair loss. But reality is that no two men can react in similar way for same problem. So rather than following crowd blindly act wisely and think for a while that actually hair loss is problem for you or not? Even some people are there that are happy with shaved heads so ask yourself are you happy with the same or need a hair transplant. Before any surgery mental preparation is quite important for the safe treatment and good results.

  1. Check level of your hair loss

Extent of hair loss may vary from person to person so there is great need to check the extent of hair loss before rushing for surgical procedure. Hair transplant is good for those who are having controlled level of baldness. So if you are having just mild hair transplant so you might be proven as wrong candidate for this surgical hair treatment.

  1. Check for other treatments

If you have been observing hair loss since last few days then definitely you are not candidate for the hair restoration. For the initial stages of hair loss other treatment should also be given try as Finasteride and Minoxidil can be effective for controlling the hair loss. You must check that how progressive is your hair loss and whether it can be prevented with other treatments or not only then you can knock for surgical treatment as it is solution for controlled and stable baldness.

  1. Check for other candidates of hair loss like you in relatives or friends

It is quite obvious that person with hair loss try to conceal their baldness and thinning in the social gatherings but it is important to discuss with your friends and family members as your healthy conversations with them can put you on correct path and can bring more clarity about your expectations and thoughts about hair loss and hair restoration.

  1. Check for the related information

Before going any treatment it is important to collect relevant information that can clear your doubts about the treatment and help you to take only the correct decision about hair treatment.