Guide to FUE Hair Transplant

Complete diagnostic guide for FUE hair transplants

Have you noticed your hair to be thinning out and planned for gaining back your hair with FUE procedure.

Before going through the treatment it is important to do home work to act smartly as there are many aspects related to this procedure that are uncovered still for the common man.

FUE in itself is simple  procedure but it is beyond the understanding for some so here we have mentioned few aspects that can be matter of concern before going to the treatment after the complete diagnosis of the procedure

  1. Before treatment eligibility of candidate is important so go ahead for checking your eligibility
  2. If you are ideal candidate then know whether you have chosen the right surgeon by smart check points
  3. Know in detail about the FUE procedure its working and advantages that make it effective and result oriented
  4. How to do after care and results that can achieved after treatment can be known in detail
  5. Even in this guide few common doubts are addressed by the experts

So read out the complete guide for the correct decision for selecting FUE for hair restoration.


Are you right candidate for FUE

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Have you choosen the right surgeon

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fue working

Know about working of FUE

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What to expect and how to care after surgery

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Common questions about FUE

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