Growth Timeline of Surgically Transplanted Hairs

Growth Timeline of Surgically Transplanted Hairs


Estimate the Growth of Hair After Hair Transplant

Day zero- The day on which hair transplant

After one to five days: Initial two weeks after a hair transplant are crucial. At our Satyam Clinic his patients with complete instruction manual about how to take care for the newly transplanted grafts. In the five days,  patients will receive swelling on forehead and backside of scalp that is a donor region. Skin reddens where the incisions are created for the newly restored hairs. The reddish skin gets normal son within first or second week. After a couple of days, the donor area becomes rigid like rest of the scalp.

After six to ten days: In this duration, patients no longer experience swelling and redness fades away. Crust develops around each transplanted unit that dries the incisive spot. At this time our surgeon removes the crusts carefully by soaking the grafts and rubbing them. At the 10th day, the crusts are completely removed and transplanted hairs will look similar to hair cut. Finally the sutures are eradicated.

2nd to 3rd Week: The transplanted hairs begin to fall and at the time of 3rd to 4th week, almost all of the hairs drop. It is a part of the healing process that certainly occurs. The new transplanted hairs completely drop during the shedding time because the real hair shaft is developed. In between this the real hair unit and bulb are isolated during the growth of a new hair shaft.

At the end of two months: The hair follicles enter in the resting phase. The duration of this resting phase may be different before the hairs begin to grow. Patients look becomes the same as it was before the procedure. In this time length, patients can style and color their hairs as well.

Two to four months-The new hairs by Hair Transplant in Canada start releasing. In few patients, the restored hairs grow bit early in the time whilst in others they grow later. Patients will get to see the transplants; however they will be thin at this level as they begin to develop from the scalp. The original hairs begin to grow again during this time. The donor region heals and its redness fades away.

Five to Nine Months-Patients observe the significant hair development from scalp. The hairs are thin and most of the transplanted hairs will be above three inches or longer and they become able to be groomed. During the end of this time length, the hairs describe textural variations and get more thickness. After six months, your surgeon will evaluate the growth of hairs. At this time, the donor site completely recovers and its laxity restores during ninth month.

Twelve Months– Patients receive 80% of the newly made hairs that develop from scalp. They will observe that the hairs have come out of the scalp and are mildly curved. It is resulted by the microscarring at the recipient areas. It disappears soon and the hairs receive their original appearance in the next year.

24 months: The transplanted hairs show their best appearance at this time. In few patients, they attain their final appearance in the very first years whilst in others, it takes more time to hairs to emerge and their density as well as thickness increases. Moreover, with the further growth of hairs, they show the complete appearance as the hair density increases significantly in the recipient sites.

In this way the transplanted hairs grow and achieve the complete look as like natural hairs that they become completely indistinguishable once grown completely.