FUE Procedure

Fue Hair Transplant

Dr. K.K. Arora is one of the well- renowned hair transplant surgeons in the India. He is using latest technologies like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to provide best hair transplant treatment to his patients. Follicular Unit Extraction is a treatment which requires highly experienced surgeon who should have great knowledge about the different aspect of FUE and factors which affect FUE like age, hair design etc.  This technique is much better than other older techniques which cause scars and lot of pain. It is a painless and scarless treatment which will give you only beautiful hair with zero scars.

Fue Hair Transplant

What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction is the type of hair treatment which makes dream of hair transplant with visible no scarring. In this method, one hair out of four which occurs naturally in the group is extracted as a graft. Then this graft is implanted in the area where you have less or no hair. This is safest hair transplant procedure till date as in this no strip is removed from the donor area as in the case of FUT but only follicle units are extracted from the donor area, so pain, scars and risk of numbness of body part are almost negligible.

Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Treatment

  • FUE hair treatment is minimal invasive technique.
  • Scar are completely microscopic, so almost invisible.
  • Recovery time is very less as compared to other treatments.
  • Completely painless technique without stitches.
  • If not satisfied with one FUE, can get the second time to improve results.
  • There is no risk of numbness in other body parts with FUE, which is normally the case in FUT hair transplant.
  • This technique is not limited to head for grafts, body hair can be used as a graft in it. Chest, beard and thigh hair  can be used as graft if the patient is completely bald.

Advantage of  Dr. K K. Arora FUE Hair Treatment

  • We follow international standards which prove high quality of hair  transplant.
  • At  our clinic, only state-of-the-art instruments are used  which reduce transection of graft or hair follicle that ultimately ensure graft survivability.
  • We understands the aesthetic value of hair transplant and keeps this in mind when to perform any hair transplantation procedure so that natural looking hair can be achieved.
  • FUE is a technique which is suitable for everyone may it be man or woman, a person with long hair or short hair. It does not affect the result of Follicular Unit Extraction.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction is the best procedure if you had a Follicular Unit Transplantation hair treatment earlier and is not satisfied with it.

Dr. K.K. Arora’s experience in hair transplant makes him best hair transplant doctor in India. He knows how to customize the hair design with thin and thick hair grafts to give the patient a natural hair look.
We have a  highly trained medical team which not only help  in successful hair transplant but also preserve the integrity of patient’s hair transplant.

FUE Hair Treatment Results

Follicular Unit Extraction is the best technique to have natural results. The reason is that it allow the surgeon to take right count of hair grafts which suited best to recipient area. Our doctor’s experience and understanding of the aesthetic value of hair make him able to create best natural hair results. Within the 6 months, the patient gets almost natural looking hair again. The patient can have even the shortest hair haircut without worrying about the visible linear scar as in the case of Follicular unit transplantation. If you are not satisfied after 6 months with hair density then another Follicular  Unit  Extraction treatment to get the desired result.

Our Trained Medical Team

Dr. K. K. Arora is one of the most well- renowned hair transplant surgeons in the India. He is highly experienced. He has a well trained team of a medical assistant who help him to get the best result for the patient. He has treated hundred of patients not only from India but from different countries also. He performs whole procedure step by step after proper assessment of hair and its condition so that patient get the best possible result.

Patient’s well-being and satisfaction are what matter the most for us . At  our clinic, this treatment is provided at very reasonable cost. He uses latest and best techniques and instrument to give their patients best results.you can visit our website Satyam Hair Transplant for more details on FUE Hair Transplant in India