Frequently Asked Questions

Why hair loss occurs?

Hair loss is basically due to disturbance in the cycle of hair growing and shedding or when hair follicle gets damaged that can occurs due to various reasons.

Problem of hair fall may vary person to person. Causes of hair loss may differ according to age and gender of a person but the most common reasons can be

  • Heredity
  • Hormonal changes
  • Age
  • Medical history
  • Stress
  • Drug addiction
  • Scalp infection or other skin disorders

All above reasons like genes ,pregnancy ,thyroid gland problem, side effects of medicines  can cause pattern baldness, patchy hair loss and regular hair loss.

Who can undergo hair transplant surgery?

Willingness for having hair transplant is not enough for the hair transplant surgery there are various factors which decide about suitable person for treatment such as the extent of baldness, history of patient, results expected, suitable donor area etc

Only the person who is having strong donor area whether from scalp or from other body parts can be suitable for the hair transplant. As for FUE there must be enough strong donor area so that successfully hair can be extracted and transplanted to recipient area.

For healthy and natural growing hairs after the surgery strong donor area plays prominent role.

What is the process for hair transplant?

Hair transplant is not a long process even in single mega session transplantation can be done. There are various steps of this process of hair transplant

Step 1: diagnose of each hair issue for proper treatment.

Step 2:after knowing hair issue donor area is decided whether from scalp or from body part.

Step 3: On the day of surgery for easy access to roots and follicles donor area is shaved.

Step 4: donor area is numbed for without pain surgery.

Step 5: hair follicles are removed from donor area whether from scalp or from body parts.

Step 6: recipient area is numbed with anesthetic.

Step7:.extracted hairs are transplanted by using effective tools and proper guidance of doctors.

   Hair Treatment is  over after these above steps.

Is FUE painful?

Not at all FUE is painful for the patients. These days due to innovative technologies it is possible to do the surgery without pain and stitches.

Before undergoing to the surgery patient’s scalp is numbed with the use of anesthetic. So during the whole process of hair treatment patient feels no pain other than a bit sensation of rubbing.

 Some sore can be seen after the treatment in the scalp but it gets heals within few days.

Time duration needed for hair transplant?

Duration of hair transplant is dependent on the requirement for hair. On a average basis hair transplant surgery can be done in single session. But according to the wish of patient it can be split into multiple sessions.

Due to pioneered technologies today mega sessions are possible so it takes less time and good results in a day. Even the after treatment care get finished within a week. Person may get back to his work after few days.

Is hair transplant safe?

Due to latest techniques today hair transplant is totally safe. As these days hair transplant is done without pain, stitches and minimum scars.

Magnificent and efficient tools lead to less risk of infection and complications during or after the surgery.

Patient may witness some redness or swelling immediately after surgery on donor or treated area but soon it gets healed.

So today hair treatment is completely safe.

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