Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison Area-wise

Hair transplantation is one and all solutions of hair problems. People after getting this treatment feel more boosted with confidence but they have to sacrifice a lot in terms of money for this treatment.

We offer you the best results at less cost. Our center offers cost advantage to its client with positive results.


No doubt when we seek for results one may not bother for money. But in this fast pace of cut throat completion there are various centers that are providing this treatment on cheaper rates to allure you. But all in vein when all benefits are on the cost of quality.

We do team efforts to give you the extreme level satisfaction after getting treatment. Our team of experts gives you new hair with more density and natural look. Dr. K.K.Arora ‘s treatment will turn your counting from hair fall to newly grown hair.

Our team of experts is efficient in providing magnificent and natural hair lines similar to the existing. Our treatment is not only best but also personalized according to the requirements of clients.


We are not only in front line because of outstanding services but also due to cost. After choosing us there will be no regret as you can have best results with reasonable cost.

Comparative areas for cost of average FUE

Cost Variation Comparison
Over the globe $5-$20 High
Uk and Canada Vary up to $3 Medium
Satyam hair transplant center Even less than $2 Lowest

There is no need to worry if you have chosen satyam for your treatment as it provides the best and optimized results even after spending lesser money.

So you can be assured for money-saving and quality services at our center.