About Our Surgeon

Why Only Dr. Arora?

Dr.K.K.Arora is well-trained and highly qualified in doing hair treatment surgeries. He is in the first line of the world best hair transplant surgeons. He is expert in solving pattern baldness problem in both the genders. He is the initiative surgeon in UK and Canada for giving best FUE treatment’s results. He is not only efficient in hair transplant from scalp but also from other body parts with nearest match results. our patients feel themselves in safe hands while getting treatment from him. His more than 20 years of experience enables him to give the most effective results.


MBBS, MS, M.Ch. in
Plastic Surgery, Hair
Transplant and General Surgery.

Our Surgical Department

Dr. K.K.Arora has the world best skills to give the most successful surgeries over the globe. He has his coherent team of expert doctors who are well-trained and experienced in hair treatment surgeries. He has treated more than thousand patients only in UK and Canada.

Our surgeon is not only popular because of his experience but also due to adoption of innovative tools for hair treatment which give 100% safe results to people. You will be treated here under the personal attention of such an efficient surgeon. He believes in giving his 100% to meet the requirements of patients.

There will be no room for regret if you have fixed an appointment with such a famous surgeon who not works for money or popularity but for satisfaction and trust of his patients.

If you are seeking for hair transplant with full care and personal attention then it is time to fix appointment with us as we can only meet to your needs.

He is the best diagnostic for hair fall problem and the best surgeon for lifetime natural looking hair restoration. All in all you are in safe hands of such an expert surgeon of hair transplant.

You will get all the required solutions of your hair loss problems with us .


MBBS, MS, M.Ch. in Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplant and General Surgery. He is active participant of many charity and membership programs.