7 Most Popular Hair Loss Treatments

7 Most Popular Hair Loss Treatments


It has become common to know from various news sources about the discoveries for ultimate cue for hair loss and even the after and before images of persons that go through that treatments. These discoveries have made us to believe that we have multiple options for restoring our natural hair may be for entire life

Various options to restore hair with natural appearance

  1. Platelet plasma rich therapy

It is non surgical treatment preferred by most of hair loss patients. In this procedure patient’s own blood is taken in small amount and then centrifuged under controlled conditions to spin so that concentrated plasmas can be separated.

These enriched plasmas are 5 times concentrated than normal blood these are injected in the scalp to stimulate growth of hair follicles. These plasmas activated even the dead follicles and stimulate hair growth

  1. Minoxidil

It is the drug used to treat male pattern hair loss generally. It is most preferred option for hair loss sufferers. There is no need of prescription to use this drug it can be easily taken from the any medical store.

This medicine generally widens the growth stage of hair follicles and makes them strong and healthy so effectively control the hair loss

  1. Laser hair loss treatment

Laser treatment is used to cure the baldness problem as in this treatment specific range of laser beam is used to pass through the scalp of patient. This laser beam of specific wavelength activate the dead and damaged hair follicles reaching up to the roots tissues of the follicles and then hair start growing in the bald areas.

  1. Follicular unit extraction method

It is the advanced method in which hair loss is treated surgically with the rearrangement of hair follicles from the one part of head to the other.

This procedure is performed under the local anesthesia so that patient may not feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. After that loss resistant and active hair follicles are selected from the donor part generally from back head or near to the neck. These donor follicles are extracted one by one with the small punches and then in the small incisions created with micro punches ion the bald area, these follicles are cultivated.

These cultivated hair follicles retain their quality even after shifting so grow for lifetime with natural appearance

  1. Stem cell therapy

It is non surgical procedure for hair growth and can give effective results in 3-4 months. In this procedure stem cells are injected in the scalp for ensuring the re- growth of hair. Hair follicles contain the stem cells that make sure the regular supple of cells for the development for hair cell with the constant division.

  1. Hair cloning

This method is still in research which is based on the idea that germinative cells can be multiplied outside the body in lab and can be implanted directly into scalp for regenerating hair follicles

  1. Hair regeneration

It is regeneration method for human hair by distributing them from one part to other of scalp in the persons that have insufficient donor hair